HTML5 has a set of new elements added with semantic meaning. Lots of talk about the "Flash killing" video element, animations with canvas location and much more. With the help of these elements, you can make your code easy and quick. HTML5 has added several new semantic elements to the markup. The following is a list of the new HTML5 elements: This HTML5 tags or HTML5 elements tutorial contains a complete list of all standard HTML5 tags belonging to the latest HTML5 and HTML specifications. The W3C specification provides us with some insight. However, HTML5 has added a little meaning (semantic) and identifier to its elements, so web developers can use them wisely in their web pages. HTML5 provides some new Semantic Elements that are semantically meaningful to describe a webpage layout. The previous version of HTML is HTML 4.01 that came in 1999. Tags like Article, Footer, Header, Figure, Caption, section, Nav what do you man by Semantic HTML Elements ?
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