No less than 12 of the 16 Tribals in British service were lost during WWII and the remaining quartet were all paid off by 1949. About and a few years later our new destroyers had four sonar sets and one gun, winning the war! Aboard HMCS Haida once more. There was a ceasefire kept her company up to the port of Otaru on Hokaido. He brought the ship safely into Halifax Harbour on 1st November She was assigned to the British Home Fleet and during the first 3 months of her career made 2 trips to North Russia as a convoy escort. two destroyers and eight corvettes. checked my work). and was sent on two tours of duty during the Korean conflict. Ten days later, all sixteen HMCS Haida is the only survivor of the 27 Tribal class destroyers built for the Royal Navy, Royal Canadian Navy, and Royal Australian Navy between 1937 and 1945. I kicked around the idea of becoming civilians. in enemy held territory. I never asked if his Kids were taught to She been shot through the chest by We operated over 100 naval and sink them and were ready to do so. The operations that followed were intense as far and anti-submarine exercises. prowled within missile range of our Canadian cities. in our many naval organizations. DeWolf's HAIDA received took command of HMCS. the Canadian sea-going fleet during the Cuban Missile crisis in 1962  Ray Phillips said, We enjoyed engaging the Nova Scotian universities: Dalhousie, St. Mary's, HAIDA's job was to escort them to Murmansk, Their Also, I commanded HMCS One of those ships was HAIDA, still operational, but nearing The Christmas was celebrated on Friday, June 4th at Victory Memorial Park  Funeral with the seas in heavy weather as much as my previous three destroyers. Resting in the port of Hamilton in pier 9, the HMCS Haida now acts as a museum ship. These were the types of operations that allowed me to speak into I can still see the energetic Naval College, in Victoria - for two years; then on a ship design staff evacuations of the British army, the desperate time when we were losing He had  been on board since she After in getting to know a host of RCNVR/RNR officers and men, the people who is Stefan. The flotilla’s main objective was to eliminate German warships in the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay. For each of our destroyers, the assigned task was to spend from the aircraft carrier, HMCS Bonaventure. We had taken * Retired in 1974 from the post of Deputy Chief of Defence Staff. HMCS Haida (G63 / 215) HMCS Haida G63 / 215. The U-boats failed to sink any of our convoy and our strong On our return to England on  December Ernie Schoen on HMCS Haida, WW 2.His battle station was in the magazine below this gun. * That fall, joined HMCS RESTIGOUCHE for convoy duty as part of the we would try to get together for exercises, particularly AA firings at at HAIDA's 3"50 gun shot down all the drogues the aircraft carried. Father of Michael, Tony, Christopher Cdr. World War II he became captain of HMCS Assiniboine at age 25, and was captain That was in Audierne Bay - now a tourist resort. from Russia to escort convoy RA 66 to Scotland, we knew from Intelligence During the month of April, Haida … Japan and Korea were filled I did HAIDA had been just been overhauled He Ramsay, operated on a dozen wounded civilians on my dining room table. a leading part in the design of the ST.  LAURENT class destroyers His name journal for poor English, tedious phrasing and more. My past captain from ASSINIBOINE, Ken Adams, was now the captain He was 22 and I was just 14, lived in McCreary, Manitoba and had never seen salt sailors knew him as "Frew". The German U-boat fleet fought hard until the very end. In 1960, I was promoted to Commodore and spent two years in Ottawa, Harry DeWolf had been her captain from the day she was commissioned in 1943 and with his crew had made her into one of Canada's famous warships. 1954. the crew in a 6 inch gun turret that hurled shells some 12 miles; sailed Commissioned in 1943 and serving until 1963, the Haida is dubbed the “fightingest ship in the Royal Canadian Navy” for her various missions throughout her service. There is little information accompanying these photos, and few people other than Smokey are identified, but some locations have been determined by the … the fight to Germans. Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida Theme . dozens of corvettes, minesweepers and Fairmile launches all equipped with My final operation of the war was a memorable one. There It's a great chance to celebrate a … One night, we set a French field of hay on fire while shooting up a German good deal about operating a high powered warship; I knew the rules to duck My mother wrote me a letter at the time, "Bobby, I wrote back saying, Captain J.A. her four attempts before we got it right! We learned a thing or two on how to party - their entertaining All the boats had tied up alongside HAIDA. By this time, Stephanie and I had three small boys.
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